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Government Contracts

Government contracts are a double-edged sword. They hold out the prospect of significant revenue on one hand and create significant administrative burdens on the other. Dealing with contracting officers and procurement activities can be a daunting experience. They have a unique vocabulary and deal in obscure and arcane concepts like IDIQ's, set-asides, FAR sections, the DFAR, and more.

The Contract Coach is your roadmap to navigating the maze of confusing and often contradictory government requirements. We can help you understand which provisions and clauses apply to you and explain in layman's terms how to comply. Be it a proposal, a pending contract award, or establishing best practices for contract administration or project management The Contract Coach has the tools and experience to face that challenge.

Government Proposals

The Contract Coach specializes in Government Proposals. Visit our dedicated Bid and Proposal website for more information
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