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The Contract Coach is THE place to shop for contract and Project Management tools and training. Here are some of the products we are authorized to represent.
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    ProPricer is the Government contracting professional's 'go-to" product for developing consistent and robust cost estimates that will effortlessly withstand audits. Stop messing around with Excel templates and worksheets that introduce errors into your cost and pricing data and get the industry standard!

    ProPricer is available in several versions both stand-alone or networked for: Industry (Corporate), Small Business, Government, with special versions aligned for service contracts.

    ProPricer options include a Management Desktop, import/outport utilities for Word and Excel, a GSA Travel rate import utility and others.

    The Contract Coach is a Consulting Partner with ProPricer and can assist in the selection, installation, set-up and implementation of the product.
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    Intaver Institute's Risky Project is a full-featured risk management product. Installation is simple as is it's fully integrated with Microsoft Project and Primavera P6.

    Risky Project is a risk database and risk register with full capabilities to assign numerous risk attributes including probability of occurrence, impacts (schedule, cost etc.) and even conditional branching. Risky Project then uses an advanced Monte Carlo simulation capability to calculate overall risk, project cost and schedule impacts and presenting cumulative distribution plots for either.
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    The FAR Collaborator is one of those tools that you wish you had but didn't know that you needed! It provides a handy means of identifying, tracking and reporting on the multitude of FAR and DFARS requirements that apply to your business. When it comes to tracking compliance or identifying flow-down requirements this tool sill save you countless hours by neatly summarizing those requirements applicable to your situation.
    FAR Collaborator ties your contracts and their various clauses to a comprehensive database of FAR and DFARS clauses and then allows you to determine on a contract-by-contract, division, or corporate level precisely which clauses - and the associated requirements for each - apply. Great tool - especially when it comes time to do an internal compliance audit.
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    Contract Management as a Service (CMaaS) is the answer to reducing Contract Management costs while providing improved CM support. CMaaS is based on the CMBi Software suite but goes one step further by out-sourcing many of the daily administrative aspects of data collection, data entry, and administration thereby allowing businesses to focus on the important CM functions. In other words it's like having your own Administrative Contracting Officer who does the dull repetitive work while you focus on actually managing the contract,
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    Contract Management Business Intelligence (CMBi) Software© is an integrated management suite that seamlessly addresses fourteen (14) core CM functional components across sales, contracts, subcontracts and project management organizational platforms. Supports: (a) Contract Management, (b) Subcontract Management, (c) Project Management, and (d) Sales Organizations
    CMBI offers 60 plus (point and click) standardized reports in ONE integrated tool.and a ‚Äčlive (at a glance) Dashboard identifying upcoming requirement due dates that provides early warning notifications across a spectrum of CM functions
    CMBI also addresses all 24 CPSR compliance requirements and more. It also includes our proprietary (one of a kind) FAR Collaborator which addresses FAR requirements across all contracts and organizations to provide meaningful Contract Management Business Intelligence (CMBI)
    CMBI integrates data from numerous sources to provide detailed analytics, predicative modeling for improved business decision making.
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    Some tools are so good that you just don't want to do without them! Critical Tools WBS Schedule Pro is THE tool for project management and proposal experts. If you need a WBS diagram for your proposal - this is the tool for you! If you are sick and tired of trying to get MS Project WBS structures to print then you will love this tools bi-directional transfer capabilities with Project!

    WBS Schedule Pro installs as a Project toolbar item and lets you effortlessly move back and forth from one to the other. If you want to create or edit WBS's or (optionally) create a PERT network diagram this is the go-to tool for professionals.

    Of course the Contract Coach can obtain this product for you, install it, integrate it with MS Project and train your team how to create WBSs using the tool and how to print some very informative and attractive plots. I've done this for two major (hundreds of million dollar) proposals and it's robust, full featured and best of all - affordable!