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Who I am …

I am Don Shannon - also known as the Contract Coach. This is my business and my website. Professionally speaking, I am a Project Management Professional (PMP), a Fellow of the National Contract Management Association, and am certified as a DML by the Society of Logistics Engineers, I am also a Lifetime Certified Federal and Professional Contract Manager. (CPCM and CPFM). Recently I completed my certification with the American Association of Cost Engineers as a Certified Cost Technician (CCT). That's a lot of letters to put next to a fellow's name! I've been in the project management and contracts management world since I retired from active duty in 1990 - I guess that's 26 years now. More recently (2013) I retired from full-time work and have spent much of my time writing and teaching. But I'm here if you need me. I welcome an opportunity to help you or your business succeed.

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Donald Shannon
The Contract Coach
Albuquerque, NM 87120
Tel: (505) 259-8485