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Identifying and Managing Risks

The Contract Coach is an expert in the development and application of advanced risk management approaches. Our award winning research into the topic (see paper) clearly sets out our holistic approach for project management - one that includes cost, schedule, and risk in a unified management approach.

Risk management is usually accomplished via the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) 5-step process (Identify, Analyze, Evaluate, Treat, and Monitor) or some variation. However, there is more to risk management than meets the eye. A proper risk management program involves detailed assessment of risks, planning measures to address them, and integrating the risk assessment with other program perspectives including the budget and the schedule. This integrated approach is key to a comprehensive evaluation of risks and essential in developing a holistic approach to project management.

Your Risk Management program can be enhanced by selecting and using the best practices and tools Contract Coach is well positioned to assist you in both. Our knowledge of integrated project management enables us to help you define and implement robust management practices, select the best risk management tools, and provide world class training for your staff.

Below is some information concerning a highly recommended tool: Risky Project. The Contract Coach can arrange a demonstration of the product and is available to provide a no-cost assessment of how this tool would benefit your company. Call today for more information.

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The Contract Coach is now a Value Added Reseller for Intaver’s Risky Project software.
For more information visit the Risky Project website!