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Contract Training

Many businesses are operated by an owner or investor with little formal business training. Their accounting is performed by a bookkeeper or CPA and a contract is that paper you have to sign to get the business.That’s where Contract Coach can help. We have specially developed training programs geared to the needs of program managers and small business owners that cover the basics of contracting in general - be that construction, services, or commercial products

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Contracts for Managers

Course content is adapted to meet the specific needs of the client but generally includes:

  • - The elements of a contract
  • - The contract lifecycle
  • - Commercial vs. Government contracts
  • - Contract types
  • - Changes and Modifications
  • - Options
  • - Disputes
  • - Termination
  • - Closeout

Course length is variable with the degree of detail desired but generally runs a half day or less.

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Contracts with the Federal government are highly sought after. They tend to be of significant dollar values and many smaller (but still substantial) contracts are expressly set aside for small businesses. These contracts are governed by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and various departmental supplements such as the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFAR) etc. These contracts have a ‘nested’ structure where certain clauses are not provided in full text, clauses may be included that do not apply to (especially) small businesses, etc. It takes an experienced eye to wade through the often voluminous contract documents to determine what applies and what does not apply.

Specific Laws and Provisions

Some federal contracts include labor laws such as the Davis-Bacon Act, the Service Contract Act, and reporting requirements related to executive salaries. Additionally, cost reimbursement contracts require special attention to identify allowable contract costs and ensure the proper accounting practices are being used. Finally, some contracts provide the offeror with the use of government property which must be accounted for and disposed of using set procedures. Again, Contract Coach has the experience and the knowledge to guide your business through this labyrinth of red tape so that you comply with these provisions in an efficient and cost effective manner

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Seminar and Speaking Engagements
The Contract Coach is authorized by the National Contract Management Association (NCMA) to present two National Education Seminars. These can be presented as either at a NCMA Chapter-level event or an in-house corporate event. These courses are:
  • Developing Winning Proposals
  • Contract Changes, Disputes, and Terminations
Do you need a speaker of seminar leader for in-house training or for a professional organization? Here are some of the topics we can support.
  • Contract Management Best Practices
  • Developing Project Plans
  • Using Simulation to Produce a Risk-Adjusted Project Schedule
  • Project Risk Management - From Qualitative to Quantitative
These and other topics are available on request. Speaking fees are quite reasonable and may be waived for civic organizations..

Available Seminars and Classes

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